Long Time...

long time nuttin ah gwaan in dis blog !

não percebem patois ? então eu traduzo pra português

há muito tempo que nada se passa neste blog !

porquê ?

sei lá... cresci, mudei, ocupei o meu tempo com outras coisas...
pode ser que volte a escrever, mas hão de ser textos completamente diferentes dos que vejo neste blog (maior parte deles já nem me lembrava que existiam)

tão diferentes que acho que vão ter de ser escritos num novo blog.


fiquem bem ;)

still in the beggining

The Summer came and took me with it.
2 fests came and i'm not the same.

with love,

Summer Mode: Activated

Yea, it's summer time. The classes are over and i'm happy. I have 5 trips planned, 1 show and 6 festivals which are:

Sumol Summer Fest
Delta Tejo
Optimus Alive
Super Bock Super Rock
Skrillex @ Lisboa
Sudoeste TMN
Super Bock Surf Fest

my bag is on my back and i'm ready to go ;)
ready, set, enjoy !

living the summer the best i can,

The Re-Evolution of Electro Music

  You'll get it once you listen to it. The musician is called Skrillex, and some say he's changing the whole concept of music. He's got a lot of lovers and a lot of haters. In my opinion, is an extraordinary musician because he created something completly new.
Electro + Dubstep + Breakbeat + House + Post-Harcore + Fidget  and much more.

Take a look